APPA for teachers

Find out how a subscription to APPA can help teachers improve their pupil’s resilience and wellbeing.

Using our online portal you can see the reports generated whenever a pupil completes an assessment.

Our interactive reports give a simple overview of the assessment as well as explaining scores and results in more detail. You can view them online or download them for later use.

View the data in a format or style that is easiest for you, and compare the assessments with previous reports.

How can APPA benefit me?

APPA makes it easier for teachers to assess and identify young people who may be struggling with their health and wellbeing. The app self-administers the assessment to young people. Simply hand out a device with the app installed or visit our web-based application and let the young person work through the assessment. Feedback is provided to the young person directly and teachers can log onto a portal and obtain reports that give insight into the wellbeing of the student.

These reports provide schools with;

  • A common wellbeing baseline for all pupils.
  • Early targeted identification of wellbeing issues that are symptomless.
  • Targeted conversations with young people about specific issues in their life
  • Focused intervention that leaves young people ready to thrive


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Why is APPA different?

When a young person uses APPA they meet Alex, an avatar who guides them through the app and asks them questions about their life. All the individual answers the young person gives to each question on the app are private and stored securely. They are only shared with others if the young person has given permission for them to be. If it becomes apparent there is an area of their life they need support in, Alex will encourage them to seek help from a trusted adult.

An animated avatar requires the student to use additional senses for them to process Alex’s voice and moving mouth as well as the question being asked. This prompts a more emotional response that would be achieved with a paper survey, and so the young person is more likely to answer truthfully.

This was proven in a trial carried out by Liverpool Hope University including over 1200 pupils. It was found that the test/retest reliability of the app was greater than that of a paper assessment. More interesting was that the wellbeing scores were lower when pupils used the app than when they used the trial, suggesting they were more truthful when using the app than on paper.

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