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Schools Wellbeing League Table?

A former headmaster this week called for a “Schools Wellbeing League Table”. Should schools prioritise “wellness” which includes challenging and stretching students, also builds character and helps them to perform better? What do you think? Would you pay more...

Mental Health and Wellbeing in School

Another opportunity to showcase APPA, this time at the “Mental Health and Wellbeing in School” conference in Edinburgh where Forbes Hamilton briefly addressed the delegates. Once again, we had a huge interest form the many teachers that attended the conference....

APPA now available

We're pleased to announce that APPA is now available to download and use in both the Apple App Store and Android Play Store.

Trials begin

Tying up the trials firstly in Perth Academy with 30 pupils targeted to take part. The High School of Glasgow are also given a demonstration of the APPA and its value to the teaching staff and management.

Horrible but True: Early Abuse Can Create Strength

Resilience is a strange phenomenon. The more we understand it, the more surprised we are by how it works. Take, for example, research by Willem Frankenhuis (1) and his colleagues in the Netherlands who found that people with histories of abuse have an uncanny ability...

Children’s Mental Health conference

Glasgow, Scotland The APPA roadshow continues to the annual Children’s Mental Health conference in Glasgow to great acclaim as delegates find out not just how it works but also that schools are actually using it.

British Psychological Society’s annual conference

Nottingham, United Kingdom The APPA show hits the road for the first time as Appa Scotland takes an exhibition stand at the British Psychological Society’s annual conference in Nottingham . We demonstrated to the delegates how the ground breaking APPA worked and it...

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